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What should I know about my first InfraShape workout?

For the convenience of our guests, the workout is available by prior check-in, so please our guests to contact us in advance and make an appointment.

Before the busy date, approx. Get 10 minutes to get ready for the workout. Anyone who arrives late and therefore starts training later, will only be able to use our machines for a limited period of time, as if the start time of the training sessions is slid then the next guest can not start on time and so on!

Suggested dress for training: ladies two-piece swimsuit or cotton short shorts, top maybe sports bra, top. For gentlemen, swimming trousers (no swim shorts) in order to keep the maximum surface area of ​​our lower body free. It is recommended to wear high heels and polo suits. There is no need for a training shoe, but a changeover (secretion) and a shower can be used.

During the workout, we provide 1 larger towels. If you would like to have a lust towel for showering, please bring it yourself.

We have dressing and shower facilities, so we can leave completely refreshed after the workout.

We recommend jewelery, wristwatches removed before training, especially jewelery not recommended for underwear.

We offer mineral water, vitamin drinks, nutritional supplements and soft drinks to supplement liquid and energy losses.

During our training, our colleagues are constantly supervising our customers, providing assistance and advice on choosing the right program and setting up the machine. In case of question we are available before, during and after workout.

IMPORTANT rule is that if you can not see it at the time it's in, please do not hesitate to cancel your reservation within 24 hours! In case of our leased guests who do not make use of this opportunity, they will unfortunately get their chance of renting as if they had used it! Thank you for your understanding.

How many calories will I burn?

Our organization is a coherent system. Everyone reacts differently to the load, which depends on the actual mood, eating, water consumption, metabolism, and other environmental changes.

This popular device calculates calorie loss based on an algorithm.

The infrared light, the vacuum and the lumbar bicycle can be adjusted individually, depending on the load capacity and performance enhancement.

Summary of the InfraShape Horizontal calorie burning (algorithm-based result):

The infrared effect results in a 50-minute calorie loss of approx. 6-700 kcal

As a result of the vacuum, the calorie loss is approx. 2-300 kcal

Bending in the bicycle is approx. 3-400 kcal

The combined effect of foil pants and fat burning creams is approx. 1-200 kcal.

Based on the above, the average time spent by InfraShape Horizontal in an average of 50 minutes is 1300-1400 kcal.




Heart / wreath sickness

Fresh surgery

Inflammatory disease

Acute infection

Feeling sick

Painful, protruding cheeks

Thrombosis and tendency