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The Infrashape Design

At the simplest level, the Infrashape machine is an exercise bike enclosed within a capsule. The client lies down flat, then the machine capsule is closed from the waist down. This leaves the upper body, arms, and head to remain outside of capsule. The capsules design causes the heat to be kept within the lower body, while the upper body is kept at room temperature. The design to lie down, rather than hunch over like an exercise bike, alleviates stress from the back. Clients often comment on this design creating a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Before stepping into the machine, clients wear a “neoprene skirt”. The edges of the skirt will then be fitted around the hole in the capsule, effectively sealing your legs inside a vacuum pressurised pod. This vacuum is a constant alternation of high and low pressure, specifically targeting cellulite, as well as having other medical benefits discussed here. The vacuum pressure has an adjustable setting that can be changed for comfortability.

Inside of the capsule are medical grade LED lights that produce infrared lighting. Historically, exercise and infrared therapy were two separate industries, despite having overlapping health benefits (a full range of health benefits can be found here).  But this takes twice the time, and costs twice the amount. The Infrashape machine has streamlined this process into a one stop shop for a healthier life.

Our modern design also incorporates several innovative technologies such as touch screen display, leather trim, collagen lamps and aromatherapy accessories. Our machine allows you to connect your phone so you can personalise the music during your workout, or you can watch your favourite movie on the touch screen. You can even choose from our virtual workouts: work out on the streets of Los Angeles, in Venice, in a wild desert or on a forest trail. And because your arms are outside of the capsule, you can even use your phone!

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