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The latest generation of body shaping devices



The specialised closed capsule design of our machine creates an increase in temperature. This causes the body to sweat more in order to maintain homeostasis which leads to an increased metabolism, burning calories and fat at a faster rate.


The infrared light penetrates the upper layers of the skin, creating a warming effect that reaches the deep tissue. This helps to eliminate cellulite, wrinkles and causes the skin to become firmer, creating that ‘toned’ look.


A 50-minute workout on our machine will burn 1,300 – 1,400 calories. To burn the equivalent in the gym it can take upwards of 5 hours. Our clients are seeing more results in 2 sessions per week than they were previously from 6 gym sessions per week.

What is


Infrashape is the latest generation of body shaping devices backed by research. We have created a bicycle inside of a capsule that closes from the waist down. This allows your lower body to get hot and sweaty, maximising the calories burnt and offering a range of skin benefits. All while allowing your head and arms to remain outside of the capsule creating a comfortable and relaxed environment. Whether you’re beginning your fitness journey or an accomplished athlete, our experienced team will provide in depth training.

Our stylish, modern design incorporates several innovative technologies: touch screen display, luxury leather trim, vacuum massage, infrared, collagen lamps, light and aromatherapy accessories. Our machine allows you to connect your phone so you can personalise the music during your workout, or you can watch your favourite movie on the touch screen.


Personal training:

We’re here to help you exceed. Whether you’re a beginner of an accomplished athlete, our experienced staff provide one on one training to guide you through the ropes.

Weight loss:

The research is out, and our machine burns calories at a much faster rate than your average gym session. Target any goal and see how Infrashape London can help transform you.

Physical conditioning:

Our machine helps to improve the cardiovascular and raspiratory system. Not only do these have athletic benefits, but they also improve sleep and reduce the risk of several illnesses.

Injury recovery:

Our machine has medical benefits to reducing inflammation, joint pain, and muscle recovery. Research also suggests that it can be used as an effective tool to improve the quality of sleep